Roof Services

Your roof tiles are manufactured from pressed metal into shapes to give the tiles the appearance of a traditional roof tile. Once the metal is pressed into the shape of a tile they are then coated with primer followed by adhesive on which the natural stone chippings are added. The colour is then added either charcoal, terracotta or green, the paint also helps to seal the coating on the tiles. Over time Algae, Moss and Lichen start to grow on the tiles. These all have roots that will develop and bed themselves into the granular coating on the tiles. The roots will eventually cause the granular coating to become loose and fall off. These are the small chippings you tend to find in the guttering and at the bottom of the down pipes. 

Cleaning your roof with a pressure washer will cause additional damage and may lead to water ingress.

Blue Chip Park Homes offer a full roof inspection and maintenance program that will ensure your roof remains in good order. 

Roof Inspection & General Maintenance

Checking all tiles and re-securing with ring shanked tar nails as required. 

Touching up any bare areas of tile with your manufactures recommended paint.

Followed up by a full written report that ensures that your roof is covered by any gaurantees.

(Ask about group discounts)

Roof Cleaning Service

Remove all loose moss and lichen with a soft brush, spray the roof with a purpose developed non toxic roof cleaner.

Re-securing all loose tiles as required.

Touch up any small areas on the tiles where the protective granular coating is missing. 

(Ask about group discounts)

Roof Re-coating Service

Full roof cleaning service follwed by; 
Re-coating the roof with a specially formulated and recommended paint will protect the roof where granular coating has become loose. 

Re-coating the roof will enhance the appearance of the home, protecting the tiles from granular coating loss and increasing the life expectancy of the roof. The roof colour can also be changed as required.



Images of a customers roof before our Roof Re-coating Service.

Images of our customers roof after our Roof Re-coating Service

Image of our customers roof before our Roof Re-Coating Service.

Image of our customers roof after our Roof Re-Coating Service.

Image of our customers roof before our Roof Re-Coating Service

Image of our customers roof after our Roof Re-Coating Service.

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