Chassis & Supports

We offer a full and comprehensive inspection to the underside of your home. The inspection will include:

Base; cracks or subsidence and drainage issues. 

Supports; corrosion, recommended positions, correctly adjusted and recommended size and number.

Chassis; distortion to steelwork and corrosion.

Insulation; type and any sections that may be missing.

Pipe work; leaks, insulated ad correctly supported.

Timber floor bearers; free from wet / dry rot, wood worm.

The inspection will be produced in a written report including photos.

(Ask about group discounts)

Chassis & Support Maintenance Service:

Supply and install new galvenised supports. These are specifically designed for supporting park homes. Additional supports may need installing when additional weight has been added to the home since manufacture.

Adjust and reposition the existing supports as required. This is a common fault where supports become loose after settlement and have not been installed in the recommended locations.

Tighten coach bolt fixings to reduce floor movement. The coach bolts can become loose during the settlement of the home and are generally the cause of movement in the floors when walked upon. The coach bolts are the fixings between the chassis and the timber floor bearers.

Re-levelling the home as required.

Remove all corrosion and re-coat the chassis with rust inhibitor paint. This may mean touching up the paint work or a complete re-spray.

Price and Works required are subject to Inspection Survey 

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