Annual Inspection Survey

What is an Annual Inspection Survey?

An Annual Inspection Survey is a full structural inspection survey where the home has an extended warranty, or the homeowner wants peace of mind. Under the terms and conditions of most extended warranties they generally insist that an annual inspection is required as well as general maintenance to ensure that the warranty remains valid.

What is extended warranty?

Generally park homes are manufactured and given 1 - 2  years manufacturer’s warranty thereafter any warranties with the home are underwritten by a 3rd party insurance company (Gold Shield, Platinum Seal) These warranties generally cover the structure of the home but in the small print to ensure the warranty remains valid the home must be inspected annually.


Who can have an annual inspection survey?

Anyone can have an Annual Inspection Survey it’s not just for home owners Annual inspections are also quiet popular where the home owner requires peace of mind that the condition of their home ensuring that any defects are assessed quickly reducing costly repair bills in the long term.


How much do Annual Inspection Surveys cost?

Your first annual inspection survey will cost between £395.00 - £450.00 inclusive and then between £50.00 - £100.00 inclusive every year thereafter.


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